History of the Albert S. Hall School

Al Hall photo

Albert S. Hall (1935-2010)
Teacher, Principal, Assn't Supt. and Superintendent of Schools (1958-1994)

The following information came from articles in the Morning Sentinal, http://www.watervillemaine.net/history/history.html, Albert Hall's Professional Portfolio, provided by his wife, Marilyn, and from picking the brains of alumni, staff, and anyone I could think of that might have some information! If anyone has more to add to document this historical building, or offer any corrections, please contact the webmaster,
Jane Lee at jlee@aos92.org

1914: Newly built Senior High School located at 27 Pleasant Street was badly damaged in a fire

1922: The old building was demolished and rebuilt for the new Waterville Junior High School


1957-59: Principal:  Teachers: Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Gill, Miss Baron, Miss Kelly, Miss Littlefield, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Ericson/Art, Mrs. Wakely/Home Economics, Cooking, Miss Belyea/Sewing

1963: Waterville Jr. High moves to Gilman Street School and the building becomes a neighborhood school for grades k-6 and is renamed Pleasant Street School


1958-1961:  Albert Hall hired as Grade 6 teacher at North Grammar School.

1962-1964:  Albert Hall becomes Supervising Principal of South Grammar School

1964-1967: Albert Hall is the Supervising Principal for both South Grammar and Averill Elementary Schools

1967-1983: Albert Hall is named Assistant Superintendent of Waterville Public Schools, office located in the basement of Pleasant Street School.

1983:  Albert S. Hall was named Superintendent of Waterville Public Schools

1986:  Sixth Graders are moved from Pleasant Street School to Waterville Jr. High on West River Road

1988-1997: Michael Gallagher hired as principal of Pleasant Street School

1989:  Superintendent's Office moves out of Pleasant Street School and into Gilman Street School for the beginning of the 1990-91 school year

1990: Four third grade classrooms move into Pleasant Street from Brookside Elementary for the 1990-1991 school year (Mrs. Clare Lantagne, Mrs. Nancy Lebel, Mrs. Nancy Bishop, and Mrs. Jane Ripley)

1994:  Al Hall retires from 36 years in education (35 of them in Waterville), and Pleasant Street School is re-named the Albert S. Hall School in his honor

1995: Hall School gets fully wired for current technology

1997-January 2001: Susan DeBlois hired as principal of Albert S. Hall School

January 2001: Harriet Trafford hired as principal of Albert S. Hall School

2001-2002:  Albert S. Hall School  goes through rennovations to improve air quality, update classrooms, install a full kitchen, and an elevator was added to make the building handicapped accessible

2010: At age 75, Albert S. Hall dies

2013-present: Harriet Trafford retires and Barbara Jordan is hired as principal of Albert S. Hall School